Afternoon Tea 8x10

Forgotten Times 11x14

Blooming Friendship 9x12

Cooper Lilac 8x10 SOLD

Sweet Pea Tea 9x12

Blue & White 8x10

Abundant Hydrangia

Petite Lilac 5x7

French Rose 5x7

Antique Roses 8x10

Sweet Pansies 6x6

Apple Delight 6x6

Kitchen Block 8x10

Candlestick Glow 4x8

Golden Tulips 8x10

Lilac Winter 9x12.

Pomegranate SOLD

Cascading Tulips 5x7

Staff of life 9x12

Peonies 11x14

Lilac Bouquet 11x14

Happiness in a Bottle SOLD

Pumpkin Harvest 11x14

Italian Afernoon 8x10

Sun Flower Harvest 11x14 SOLD

Eggplant 11x14

Morning Cappuccino 8X10

White Pumpkin 11x14

Geraniums 5x7

Pink Rose 5x7

5x7 Gift

Awake 5x7

Tea Creamer 5x7

Daisys 5x7

Miracles on the lake 8X10

Baby Pink 4x6

Tea Cup 5x7

Peace 5x7 SOLD

Sadie Old English 5x7

Blue Bird Winter SOLD

Cardinals Rest 5x7 SOLD

Wedding 8x10

Reflective Self 5x5

Spruce 11x14

Winter 9x12

Morning Glory 18x14

Lavender Fields 9x12 SOLD

Lavender Summer 4x8

"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better." Andre Gide